Some questions about the use of magnets:


1. If you need the most functional magnets, of course, neodymium, iron and boron are the only ones.
However, there are many comprehensive factors to be considered in the application of magnetic data. Therefore, it's not a matter of simply choosing the highest function. It's a matter of saying that you should supply your application status to the manufacturer and make the manufacturer supply reasonable. (however, there is little research on the use of magnets in China, and many manufacturers can't give customers a reasonable claim. This is far behind Europe and America, which limits the development of products in the field of magnetic data application.)

2. Working temperature of magnet.
Different kinds of magnets have different working temperatures. The same data, different functions are not the same. Detailed information available on the manufacturer's website.

3. Fixing method of magnet.
Generally, the bonding method is used. Now, the function of the adhesive is very good. If the process is reasonable, there is no need to worry about the magnet falling. Welding is not possible. Some magnets, such as neodymium, iron and boron, can be fixed mechanically.

4. Strength and hardness of magnet
Most magnets are brittle and hard, easy to damage. Therefore, proper protection should be advocated when using.