What are the applications of magnets in life?


It sounds familiar. Everyone knows that magnets absorb iron. Many people have used them, but when asked about the specific application of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to generalize. Today, we will specifically analyze the relationship between magnets and our lives?

Magnet manufacturers

1、 Electroacoustic equipment: all acoustic equipment, such as mobile phones, TVs, audio and earphones, are realized by using magnets as long-term external magnetic fields, coils and vibration membranes to generate vibration.

2、 Electronic devices: sleeping leather jackets for mobile phones and tablets.

3、 Many items, such as luggage cases, are fixed with magnets.

4、 Medical field: MRI, commonly used in medical examination. It is to use the human body magnetic field and the magnetic material carried by the instrument to interact with each other to form detection and development, so as to help people see the cause of disease. In other medical formulas, there are also many traces of magnet application, such as acupuncture and magnetic therapy, magnetic induction detector, etc.

5、 In the field of daily electrical appliances, magnets have been widely used. Magnets are widely used in electromagnetic ovens, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, so they can play a better role in environmental protection and safety.