Production Equipments

Production Equipments

With State-of-the-Art production equipments imported from Germany, Austria, and Taiwan, this ensures the quality as well as precision of products we are able to produce.

1.Cold Roll :

With a number of cold rolling mills SJS offers highest quality standard, Automatic Gauge Control provides thickness accuracy and excellent surface condition of the strip steel. 20-high Sendzimir, 3 stand Continuous mill, 6-high rolling mill, 4-high rolling mill, a, and couple of 2-high mills for custom thickness and best possible surface. Dimension: Thickness 0.025mm ~ 2.5mm


Fully automated annealing facility with computerize guarantee the uniform annealing structure of metal form, protectunder Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas at-mosphere to fulfill your product & need.


With over 4 slitting lines, we are able to slit from 20Ton steel strip up to 1250mm width, and as fine as 9mm in width.

4.Edge Trim

Offers cut edge, de-burr edge, and round edge

5.Heat Treatment (Quench)

Total of 5 heat treatment lines with Austria’s most famous Heat Treatment Maker Ebner to provide best possible result for Harden & Temper. Lead bath quenching, Water bath quenching at your selection for maximum life of product.