Nonferrous Metal Separator

Applications:Eddy current separator is mainly used to recycle copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial waste and solid waste. It is widely



Eddy current separator is mainly used to recycle copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial waste and solid waste. It is widely used in environmental protection industries, like waste classification, waste electrical and electronic equipments recycle, and the treatment of non-ferrous metal industrial materials. The separation efficiency is good for a wide range of non-ferrous metals, which features strong adaptability, and reliable mechanical structure; strong repulsion (adjustable) and high efficiency in separation.

Eddy current separator is designed according to the principle that conductor can generate induced current in the high-frequency alternating magnetic field. A strong high-frequent magnetic alternating magnetic field generates on the surface of the sorting roller when it works, thus when conductive non-ferrous metals pass through the magnetic field, eddy current will be induced in the body of nonferrous metals. The eddy current itself will generate the opposite direction magnetic field, non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper, etc.) will leap forward along its transport direction by the performance of magnetic field repulsion so as to separate other non-metallic substances and achieve the purpose of sorting. The main distinguishing criterion is material conductivity and density ratio values, a high percentage of the value of the material is more easily to be separated than the low one.

ECS-type eddy current non-ferrous metal separator can be divided into two parts: sorting machine main body and the control cabinet. The main body is composed by of the separation assembly, drive motor, rack and cover parts etc. The separation assembly is the core parts of the separator, it is composed by the magnet roller and material transport systems (including material conveyor belt, belt-driven roller and the gear motor).


  1. Electronic waste disposal (refrigerator dismantling line)
  2. Separation of aluminum cans and ferrous metals
  3. Separate non-ferrous metals from the bottom ash of boiler
  4. Separate aluminum or copper block from the sections of abandoned cars
  5. Separate non-ferrous metals from the glass scrap
  6. Separate non-ferrous metal impurities in some production lines(such as plastic recycling production line)
  7. Separate non-ferrous metals from recycled plastic doors and windows
  8. Separate non-ferrous metals from the wood


  1. Rich experience in design and production can ensure mature product technology, stable performance and reliable quality
  2. Mass production, mature technology, stable quality
  3. Simple structure, easy and convenient to install, operate and maintain
  4. Complete secure facilities, full functions
  5. Beautiful appearance, retainer plates and door panels are stainless steel wiredrawing board, high-grade lock


Specifications & Technical Parameters
Item/Model ECS-40 ECS-65 ECS-80 ECS-100 ECS-120 ECS-150
Magnet Roller Diameter
300 300 300 300 300 300
Magnet Roller RPM(MAX)
0~3000 0~3000 0~3000 0~3000 0~3000 0~3000
Belt Width
450 650 850 1050 1250 1550
Belt Speed
0~1.0 0~1.0 0~1.0 0~1.0 0~1.0 0~1.0
Handling capacity
2~4 4~6 5~10 6~12 7~13 8~15
Driving Motor Power
3.0+0.55 4.0+0.75 5.5+1.1 7.5+1.5 11+2.2 11+3.0
1000 1400 1800 2200 2400 2600
Outer Size (L×W×H)
1885x1450x1150 2980x1883x1210 2980x2033x1210 2980x2233x1210 2980x2433x1210 2980x2633x1210

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