high quality purity material copper tube

copper pipe copper tube

Application: Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Water tube service and distribution Fire Protection, Solar, Fuel/Fuel Oil Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP)Gas 5 H


Application place

  • 1 Air Conditioner and Refrigerator
  • 2 Water tube service and distribution
  • 3 Fire Protection, Solar, Fuel/Fuel Oil
  • 4 Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP)Gas
  • 5 HVAC, Snow Melting, Drain, Waste, Vent Piping
  • 6 Re-drawing usage
  • 7 High conductivity use
  • 8 Cable Lugs and Termainals
  • 9 Electric Connectors
  • 10 Lighting industry
Available Manufacture
 1.Stainless Steel: SS201, SS202,SS302,SS303, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS420,SS430,etc
 2.Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20,etc
 3.Brass or brass alloy:H63(CuZn37,C2720);H65(CuZn36,C2700);H68(CuZn33);H70(CuZn30,C2600);H90(CuZn10,C2200),etc
 4.Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.
 5.Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215,etc.
 6.Aluminum or aluminum alloy: Al6061, Al6063, etc.
 7.Carbon steel : C1006,C1008,C1010,C1016A,C1018A,C1022,C1035K,C1045K,etc
 8. Titanium and Titanium alloy : TAD,TA1-TA8,TB2,TC1-TC10,etc
 9.Silver and Silver alloy:AgCu3,AgCu7.5,AgSn3-5,AgPb0.4-0.7,AgPd3-5,AgNi10,etc
 10.Alloy steel : SCM435,10B21,40Cr,etc


Manufacture Diameter Range

1.Machine thread range: M0.8-M12 or 0#-3/8"

2. Tapping thread range: ∅0.6-∅22mm

3. Raw material shank range:∅0.6-∅24mm

4.Customized parameter based on the product's structure


Manufacture Length Range

1.Round or bar material range:3mm-250mm

2.Square material:customized length

3.Special sharp material: customized length


Surface Finishing

1.Zn- Plated,                2. Ni-plated,                                3.Passivated,           

4.Tin-plated,                5.Sandblast and Anodize,              6.Chromate,           

7.Polish,                       8.Electro Painting,                        9.Black Anodize,                   

10.Plain(degrease),       11.Chrome plated,                       12.Golden Plated,     

13.Geomet,                  14.Hot Deep Galvanize(H. D. G. )  15. etc.

Grade/Class strength

1. US grade: grade5,grade8,grade 10

2. Metric Class: Classs 6.8,8.8,10.9,12.9,14.9

Heat Treatment

1.Tempering and anealing



4.Stress Relieving

 Reference Standard








1. Heading/washer assembly/Threading/Secondary machine/heat treatment/plating/Anti-slipping/Baking/QA/Package/Shipping

2. Stamped/bend/milling/machining/Plating/Package/Shipping.

3. Will be modified and changed based on the products structure.


1.we can send samples to you within 5 days if it is available,

2.if we don't have models, we can send samples within 15 working days after receiving the tooling charge in advance.Sample shipping charge is collected.

3.we also will use the 3D print or wire cut manufacture process for fabricating the protype for saving the samples making time, it can be control within 3 working days after confirmed the drawings.

Bulk Order

Lead time

 10-15 working days as usual,It will be changed  accordingly,and based on the detailed order quantity.


Carton size

1.28*20*24 CM &28*20*16 CM

2.Customized carton size if need.

Pallet size  110*100*30 CM(wood pallet or paper pallet)



 1.Will send the shipping documents included OQC report, MTC report, NSS report,Packing information etc for customer         approval before the shipments.

2. Will take the shipping photos for manufacture,package etc for customer checking and comparing.

3. The shiped goods all hav 6 month quality assurance for dimension, surface and etc.

4.Sales and coordianator will notice and follow up the courier,and advise the tracking information to clients.

sales service
 Any dispute or complainments, pls contact sales staff by emails,QQ,skype,what's app and tel.